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Welcome to Prospero's Blog! My wife Mollie and I work together in our Rough Magic studio on the coast of Maine. I've always loved old books, memorabilia, curiosities and Americana (especially 19th century dramatic literature) and am happy to share my discoveries in my Etsy Shops. Please come by and browse ~ there's just no telling what you'll find!

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I'm a native Mainer, born and raised in the Riverton neighborhood of Portland, now living and working side by side with my wife-cum-best-friend Mollie on the outskirts of a tiny fishing village on the Down East coast. Mollie calls herself an uprooted Texan, but over the twenty-one years we've lived here, I think of her as a happily hybidized transplant.

Before moving "home to Maine" we lived in New York City, where I was a professor of dramatic literature and English at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and before that in Indiana where I taught at IU-Bloomington. But it's back in my home state, with its natural beauty - ocean, lakes, rivers, mountains, even a little desert - that we've truly created our own place.

Now that we've finished (if such things are ever truly finished) renovating (while occupying) this ramshackle old house we purchased in 1989, we've turned our energies to gardening, beachcombing, exploring the Maine woods, entertaining the little black and white kitty cat who allows us to share her home, and keeping tropical fish. We both enjoy cooking. I'm the baker in the family - can't remember the last time we bought a loaf of bread at the supermarket. Mollie makes a mean plate of pasta.

And here I've found an entirely new career. Along with Mollie, I design and craft jewelry and decorative items for the home. We work with copper, sterling silver, semi-precious gemstones, and the natural treasures (shells, pine cones, birch bark, beach stones) that Maine offers in such glorious abundance.

For the past couple of years, I've been selling online ~ vintage books, Americana, theatrical memorabilia (masks, puppets, photographs and such), postcards, collectibles and curiosities ~ at Etsy, where Mollie sells our handmade creations and supplies for jewelry makers.

We also run a small in-house (literally) publishing company, Feedback Theatrebooks, specializing in our "Americana Series" of Pre-World War I American plays, along with a couple of histories and an anthology of plays.

Here's where you'll find us:

Thanks for visiting. Please come back soon!
Joe (a.k.a. "Prospero")


Shawna Mayo said...

It was really nice "meeting" you and Mollie tonight during the chat for #EtsyMaineTeam! I have added several books to my cart to get for my fiancé of his birthday. It's Jan 11! Makes spoiling him for Christmas difficult! Lol

Rough Magic Creations said...

Hi Shawna! Mollie and I enjoyed "meeting" you too! I was there (in the background) for much of the chat time, and from what I "eavesdropped" on, it was a productive hangout, and also a lot of fun! :-)

Rough Magic Creations said...

Yep, that's me - Joe - using Mollie's computer, which is signed in to her Google account. LOL

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