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July 6, 2012

Great Actors and Actresses

 American actresses--and all actresses for that matter--have been explaining themselves since forever.  Today whether in the movies or on the stage they do it with indifferent rapidity, and readers have a tendency to react in key.

But for a change let me introduce you to two real actresses from the 19th century American stage who had good reason to write about themselves and did it with considerable verve and style.  They were individuals and women of character when it took some daring and self reliance to escape the reputation that women in the theater had to contend with much of their careers.

Let's begin with an actress who has a major position for theater historians as she made a fascinating career for nearly half a century acting "dear old ladies and foolish virgins."  I wonder just what actresses today would say about this combination.

Mrs. Gilbert

Now here is another actresses from the 19th century whose name just might be familiar to you!

Mrs. Drew

 Am I right?  Check it out!

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