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April 18, 2010

Malaysian Shadow Puppet - Pak Dogol the Clown

Here's Pak Dogol, fresh from his appearance on the Front Page at!

He's a crude and lusty fellow, this comic figure from the Malay shadow theatre.

Often associated with the cultivation of rice in Kelantan, Pak Dogol is blessed with a prominent navel bulging from his protruding belly and the abundant backside seen in this puppet.

An authentic working shadow puppet, handmade of water buffalo hide, this Pak Dogol was manipulated by his dalang, or puppeteer, in actual Malaysian theatrical performances.

His body is 17-1/4" tall and 7-1/2" wide at the hips. His arms are articulated, moved by attached sticks, and are about 9-3/4" long.  The traditional Malay knife he carries measures about 9-1/4" long.  His moving jaw is controlled by a string and wire, and his wooden spine has been sharpened for insertion into the banana tree log used in the Malaysian shadow theatre.

As well as a fine addition to any collection of Southeast Asian memorabilia, this puppet would also make a unique wall hanging.  And as a conversation piece, Pak Dogol can (and will) talk back!  Just pull his strings.  :)

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