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March 25, 2010

And from the Malaysian Shadow Theatre ...

ATTN: Collectors, Historians, Theatre Buffs, and everybody interested in Asian culture!

Hanuman, the Monkey King or Monkey God, is a major mythical and spiritual figure in Southeast Asian, Chinese and Indian literature.

And the shadow play, or shadow theatre, has for centuries been a major form of entertainment and moral instruction throughout that part of the world.

This authentic Hanuman shadow puppet from Malaysia, handcrafted of water buffalo hide, is at least 50 years old. Having been operated at the hands of its dalang (Malaysian puppeteer) in actual shadow performances, he is in very good vintage condition. The colors have faded a bit over time.

Hanuman is 21-1/2" tall and 12" wide, with one articulated arm, and is operated by wooden sticks.

For collectors, this Hanuman puppet is a rare find. He would also look stunning as a wall hanging!

Hanuman will ship free to the United States and Canada. (For international shipping, please contact me through my Etsy shop before ordering.)

To order now from my Etsy shop, please click the button below:

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