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Welcome to Prospero's Blog! My wife Mollie and I work together in our Rough Magic studio on the coast of Maine. I've always loved old books, memorabilia, curiosities and Americana (especially 19th century dramatic literature) and am happy to share my discoveries in my Etsy Shops. Please come by and browse ~ there's just no telling what you'll find!

February 20, 2010

Included in the Storque Etsy Finds: The Red Detachment of Women - Chinese Revolutionary Ballet

A happy day today at Prospero's Bookshelf!  

My vintage copy of The Red Detachment of Women, a Chinese Revolutionary Ballet,  is featured in Etsy's Storque Blog entitled "Burn After Reading," exploring the "Books and Zines" category!

Please click here to read the Storque article ~
and here to view the book!

As you can see, this book is packed with beautiful photos.  Of course, it's written in Chinese!

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