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September 17, 2009

A Chronological Outline of World Theatre by Feedback Theatrebooks

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~ Where did the theatre really begin?  And what has happened to it over the past 4000 years?  For answers take a look at A Chronological Outline of World Theatre.
~ Clearly presented in outline form with succinct expository information, diagrams of major stages around the world and throughout history, and a complete index, A Chronological Outline of World Theatre is published by Feedback Theatrebooks, now celebrating our 25th year.
~ Long a treasured "crib" for students, A Chronological Outline Outline of World Theatre is also an excellent reference for anyone interested in the theatre.
For example:
What was happening in the rest of the world
when Shakespeare was writing in 16th century England?
  • In the Middle East there were religious parades and bazi (play) performed at Iranian courts.
  • These were the "Dark Ages in Indian Theatre".
  • Wayang gedog shadow puppets were introduced to Java.
  • China marked the rise of K'un ch'u drama.
  • O'Kuni brought a new dance to Japan.
  • The "Golden Age of Spanish Theatre" began.
  • French theatre, in transition, produced its "first professional playwright."
  • Two comedies were presented at a Spanish Mission in Tequista, Florida.
China celebrated its "Golden Age" during the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). 
Elsewhere --
  • The meddahs, or storytellers, formed a guild in Baghdad.
  • Sanskrit drama had disappeared from India.
  • Dengaka guilds were well established in Japan.
  • In medieval Europe, theatre was only beginning -- with folk plays in France, puppet shows in Spain, street pageants in many places, and celebrations of the Feast of Corpus Christi.
A Chronological Outline of World Theatre is a "must have" for every reference library, every theatre teacher and student, everyone with a passion for the stage!

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