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January 21, 2011

In Your "merry" Vintage Car

Riverton 1911
 Let's go all the way this Valentine's Day and give your beloved a Vintage Car!  There are quite a few of  them around the esty block, and I will provide a few suggestion that won't break you and might just please your Valentine.

Father's Day Antique
Let's start with ideas from teamepe.  This one from Paper Petal Creations is suggested for Father's Day, but,gosh, you can certainly push that date up a few months.  Who knows, this car might just increase in value by June.

Old Car Value Guide

Vestiesteam should have an abundance of vintage cars, and here is one from Quinsippi Mercantile that may just be the dream car of your future.  You may never know till you have put yourself or himself behind the wheel.
Orange Ford Galaxie

Closer to home, the shop of the stapelia company from the Maineteam shows this car.  Pretty flashy is probably the term that people of its era would have used.

Car Wash

Here is a car that just must have been a treasure for somebody more than 100 years ago.  And when they washed cars at that time, they had to be very careful -- and they were.  Find this one at Old Paper And Pages.

Must  not forget that other etsy shop Prosperos Bookshelf.  And the vintage car in this instance  was in trouble. When this car was in fashion, it was common for  drivers to have not only a spare tire and the kit to repair a punctured tire tube on the road but also a spare axle for the kind of roads  that existed.  I am sure that drivers were frequently advised to "Get a horse!" but that was "equipment" they had to hire on the spot.

Get a Horse!

January 14, 2011

Buy a Book for Your Valentine!

A Pair of Patient Lovers

Here we are only a few days from your time of decision when you must decide just what you are going to give her or him for Valentine's Day.  

Our idea is that you should Buy a Book for Your Valentine.  You can still wait a little while, of course, and solve your problem with a book like A Pair of Patient Lovers.   Really a beautiful book in thought and appearance. Not a bad idea, even as a late one, and a book written by a major novelist.

Or perhaps the thought of a song for your Valentine strikes your fancy.  Need help?  Here is just the right choice, an old English carol, Sweet Was the Song, interpreted with drawings and a musical score by an American master.

Sweet Was the Song

Or you might suggest a wonderful trip for just the two of you, leave the kids at  home with grandma.  Perhaps A Little Swiss Sojourn would appeal to your valentine..  With a book you can do a great many things with a minimum of movement.

A Little Swiss Sojourn

Here is another idea.  Why not a trip to New York to see the latest theater attractions!  Or if that seems a bit of a strain on the family budget, here are a couple book selections.

Ring Bells, Sing Songs tells all that you would ever want to know about the fabulous musicals of the 1930, with an abundance of pictures.

Only a Paper Moon
Or if you would prefer reading to viewing and about a different period on Broadway, take a look at great productions of the famous Billy Rose. His extravagant entertainments took in the years from 1924 to 1962, and there are 38 pictures in this book to show his talents and those of his stars from Jimmy Durante to Danny Kaye and Esther Williams. 

Springs of Persian Wisdom
And there is always "the love of learning," learning more about the wide, wide world around us.  Here is a small and beautifully illustrated book about Persia and its centuries of Wisdom, a place we seem to know little about and yet one which intrudes more and more on ourlives.

Springs of Persian Wisdom

Just some ideas for your Valintine!  Come to Prosperosbookshelf and wander around.
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