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Welcome to Prospero's Blog! My wife Mollie and I work together in our Rough Magic studio on the coast of Maine. I've always loved old books, memorabilia, curiosities and Americana (especially 19th century dramatic literature) and am happy to share my discoveries in my Etsy Shops. Please come by and browse ~ there's just no telling what you'll find!

September 15, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award - seven facts about me

Okay. Here are seven things about me that I'm guessing most people don't know ... or probably care about ...

1) When I was a young lad, my favorite pastime was cleaning the attic.

2) As a 10 year old, I was a member of the "Friendly Indians" in the State of Maine.

3) As a teenager, I played french horn in the band of the First Radio Parish Church of America.

4) Being a junior, I have always gone by my middle name, Joe. It wasn't until I joined the army that I realized I had a first name. Some of you may know what it is, but I'm not telling.

5) My favorite means of personal conveyance is still the canoe.

6) My favorite color is yellow.

7) Mollie is from Texas, I'm from Maine, and we met in Indiana. We have discovered that we are 15th cousins, several times removed.

I'm still working on choosing my seven awardees, whom I'll notify by commenting on their recent blog posts.

Meanwhile, be happy!

1 comment:

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Yay! You answered! And we have the same favourite colour!

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