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August 21, 2009

Asif Currimbhoy

Attention: Lovers of the Literature of India

Do you remember the ancient Indian fable of the Camel and the Scorpion? It is still a haunting concept for dramatists writing for the modern Indian theatre. And none more so than Asif Currimbhoy (1928-1994) whose works are increasingly capturing the eyes and ears and hearts of modern theatre audiences.

For a generation Currimbhoy's thought-provoking, passionate and startlingly theatrical plays probed the problems persistent in modern India.
The Refugee, the Captives, The Hungry Ones, Inquilab, This Alien. . . Native Land, Angkor--all reveal his frightening sense of urgency. His potent use of the theatrical is overwhelming.

Currimbhoy's output was consistently impressive. In America and in London several of his plays were well received, but, writing in English, he had problems getting his plays produced in multilingual India. By the mid-1980s he had stopped writing plays. Then in the early 1990s Indian theatres began to recognize his work. This turn in events brought him considerable pleasure; he had feared that he would not reach an audience in his lifetime.

Feedback Theatrebooks now offers an outstanding collection of Currimbhoy's plays, all in excellent condition, some signed.

This is a tremendous opportunity for scholars of 20th century Indian drama to assess this major dramatist of the last quarter of the 20th century-- or for a library to enhance its collections.

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